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Conventional wisdom teaches us to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, get sufficient exercise, use sunscreen, don’t smoke and relish life. We couldn’t agree more! But let’s face it, most of us encounter a few aesthetic hurdles that could use a little professional expertise now and again. Below are our recommendations for radiant skin at every age:

  • Teens:     Products for clear skin. Sunscreen. Try exfoliation treatments.
  • 20s:     Products with prescription-strength Vitamin C and sunscreen to regulate skin tone, promote cell turnover and prevent skin cell damage. Routine light peels for beautiful skin maintenance.
  • 30s:     Products with prescription-strength skin lightening and Vitamin C ingredients to tackle first signs of hyperpigmentation and sallowness. Possible collagen-boosting product to address early fine lines & wrinkles. Sunscreen. Routine peels for better absorption of products and baby-smooth suppleness. Possible injectable therapies.
  • 40s & up:     Products with prescription-strength skin lightening, Vitamin C & collagen-boosting ingredients to reduce hyperpigmentation, sallowness, fine lines & wrinkles. Treatments for improving resilience of sagging skin. Injectable therapies to smooth out creases and diminish deep lines. Routine peels and deeper treatments for skin that looks and acts younger and healthier.
Dr. Pap prescribes medical-grade products that transform skin and make a world of difference. Let us introduce you to these fantastic products as their prescription-strength ingredients produce remarkable results. Your natural glow will beam through!

Follow your journey as we compare before and after photos of your skin transformation.


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